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All 3 SSH servers in Netherlands fail

nl-3.serverip.co and nl.serverip.co cannot be connected.

nl-4.serverip.co may be connected after waiting for a long time, but cannot access any website. It's extremely slow and non-responsive. PING to this server always has packet loss/time out.

So now, all the 3 SSH servers in Netherlands are either dead or unusable.

Can you please resume at least one of them?


asked Oct 6 in FastSSH by anonymous

2 Answers

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nl-3.serverip.co and nl.serverip.co is maintenance server.
nl-4.serverip.co please try again, 

You can restart the server or port offline at http://panel.fastssh.com if you still can not, can you please tell us again.

answered Oct 7 by herito (9,040 points)
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I tried restarting the open SSH port 80 on nl-4.serverip.co at http://panel.fastssh.com

But the problem persisted: I still cannot access any website after connecting to nl-4.serverip.co

Can you reboot the server itself?
answered Oct 7 by anonymous
all NL servers should be work now, please try again.