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Why is your VPN isn't working as expected?

I recently made an account for the server se-america2.serverip.co And once I had Softether set up, and connected. It says, I'm in Indonesia? Why is this happening? Isn't it suppose to say I'm in the U.S?

asked Jul 6, 2017 in FastSSH by anonymous

1 Answer

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IP Address for se-america2.serverip.co :

Server 100% of United States

You can check YOUR IP here : https://www.iplocation.net/

answered Jul 7, 2017 by herito (12,060 points)
Yes, It says United states. But in everywhere I go other than checking my IP, it says I'm in Indonesia. And keep in mind, I'm not even from Indonesia. So, this isn't my side of the problem. And here are the pictures below. The server says I'm from U.S But some sees me from Indonesia. Which is odd, here's what happened when I visit Youtube. Clearly, you can see the "ID" On the Youtube symbol.

And here's what happened when I visit google.com.

Even in Skype, etc. Everything shows that I'm from Indonesia, but the IPLocation seems to be the only one that says I'm from U.S while the rest says otherwise. Why is this happening, though? Tried it on multiple other computers and it's the same thing, tried on different ISP, same thing, tried on different web browser, same thing. Please help?
Thank you for the report, we will do an examination of server

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