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Why I can't renew my SSH I created ago

"Oh snap! Username / Password / Server is not valid !"

What do I do? I sure I fill exactly my SSH account and password when renew it because I use the same acc and password on another sever, and they can renew but some sever can't renew.

Pls help.

asked Dec 5, 2017 in SSHKit by anonymous

1 Answer

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1. the selected server patikan true

2. make sure that the account you wish to renew yet exhausted the limit account

3. make sure that the servers in the renew is not full, if a full server renew account will still fail
answered Dec 6, 2017 by herito (11,380 points)
First, I check Username: 1894290984118454 on sever-ca5.sshkit.net
Username : sshkit-1894290984118454
Hostname : server-ca5.sshkit.net
Account Created    : Oct 27, 2017
Account expires    : Dec 14, 2017

I renew it before but it appear error "Oh snap! Username / Password / Server is not valid !"

Then I visit page https://sshkit.com/delete-account/ and delete it.
"Your Username sshkit-1894290984118454 has been successfully removed !"

After I go to Create account again, select  server-ca5.sshkit.net
Error again: "Warning! Username already exists !"

I can't renew or create account on some sever.

Pls help me.

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