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Any ssh proxies works?

I checked all of proxies on proxychecker.ge and squidproxy.org too, asia, europe, america, africa and oceania are very slow and have unknown status. I get disconnected when check them

i love your page zxc, you are all the best please help about this, thank you
asked Feb 16 in FastSSH by anonymous

1 Answer

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you cannot check our Squid Proxy on other site, it is locked by us.
try it and you will know the results.
find the proxy here,
http://squidproxy.org/ and use by area.
an example you are using SSH or Internet from Singapore then use Squid Proxy from Singapore.

answered Feb 16 by vba (11,250 points)
Thank you vba for replying, i checked already squidproxy.org (i said in my first comment) but it is same, for example de-3.serverip.co or usa-ny1.serverip.co are offline, you can also check by yourselfe on squid
sorry for the delay, if the server enabled squid proxy. then you could check at panel, perhaps is crash then you could start it again.

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