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FastSSH won't let me make new Softhether accounts

I already sent this on their email but no one is responding so I'm posting this here in hopes that someone can help me.

I'm trying to make a Softether account but this error message appears, "Oops,You already created three account today,Please come back tomorrow to create new account again !"

Which is really confusing me because the last account I made successfully was last Feb. 16. And I haven't tried making a new account since today. Also, I'm only making 2 accounts, 1 Singapore and 1 Torrent (France). So it's very unlikely that I made 3 accounts already.

I hope someone can help me. Thank you.
asked Feb 20 in FastSSH by ocm

1 Answer

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Yeah it is the best decision you asked here, because email will not answer regarding personal issue.
for your issue, try to use another browser or you can clean your cache and try to create account again, im sure issue will be solved.

answered Feb 20 by vba (9,860 points)
Thank you, using another browser worked. Thanks again!

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