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SoftEther Very Slow in Mozambique

Hello Guy,  I'm from Mozambique - Maputo province (Africa)!!!

I believe that our telephone network is blocking the softether, so that's why the internet is very slow in our country (Mozambique). I'm still not sure but I believe they've found a way to block the softether. I said, I'm not sure because the internet sometimes connects with full speed but when the MODEM disconnects from the Pc, it goes very very Super Slow. And it takes like hours to connect with full speed. It happens because I always connect and disconnect my MoDem all the time in order to try to connect with full speed. I don't if you guys can help us.

Sorry about my poor English. We speak Portuguese in our country.
asked May 2, 2018 in FastSSH by Download (280 points)

1 Answer

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We have talked about it, on the topic here http://gatcha.org/879/softether-its-normal?show=881#a881
it seems the issue comes from your provider (ISP), we cannot do anything about it.
the possible way is to wait for them to release the limit of your speeds or you can try different server and country of Softether and hope you can found a good one for your situasion, even though we are not sure other servers can solve it. At least trying can give you better information.
answered May 2, 2018 by vba (11,410 points)

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