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I have a tiny problem with SoftEther FR server

usually in softether when the address is provided on the host name, the virtual hub pops up a choice of default and fastssh. But as i have observed on the France server it only has default. i have several trials connecting with it, with the default hub and fastssh hub and the result was unsuccessful. does anyone here knows how to connect with this server your help would be very much appreciated. thanks

humbly waiting for your reply and enlightenment.
asked Jul 17, 2018 in FastSSH by adhonize

1 Answer

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Could you mention the server Hostname?
you should be able to connect to default HUB except the server has a problem.
Our Virtual HUB name is : FastSSH

answered Jul 19, 2018 by vba (11,490 points)

Thank you very much sir for the time and knowledge you share.
as of now sir i am able to connect different sg-servers like; se-sg1.serverip.co, se-sggs-3.serverip.co without problems. but when it come to se-france and other non-sg-servers I'm getting code 1 errors (except for se-jp1). maybe because of my ISP...or i lack knowledge on how network works, i hope someday i could successfully connect to se-france/other sever because sg-servers are always full.

thank you so much sir, and more power to FastSSH.
FastSSH is great to have you in my life.

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