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No squid proxy provided at the same IP address as

asked Apr 12, 2019 in SquidProxy by John
I followed the guide in and tried to find a squid server at using the domain name However, found a squid proxy server in France with IP, but not in Germany with the same IP address of

And I couldn't connect to that squid server using BitVise SSH Client. According to the guide, do I need to use the "Luna ZXCTunnel YT" software?

Fortunately, now I can connect to Google/Youtube/Instagram/etc. using as SSH proxy. Looks like the previous restriction was removed. So could you confirm that did you remove this restriction from the server side, or you did nothing but it turns out that Google and other websites removed this restriction from their side? Thanks.

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answered Apr 13, 2019 by herito (12,300 points)
proxy works well on server to bitvise.
the possibilities of what you can change the settings on your browser, in case of a problem like this again, try using a different browser.
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